Arena Dust-B-Gone

Indoor Arena Dust Control Features:

  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to Apply
  • Long Lasting & Economical
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Human & Animal Safe
If a horse can't breathe, it can't work!
Dust-filled arenas pose health risks to both horse and rider!

Research shows that horses require startling 3,000% more oxygen while training and competing than while at rest!! Anyone who has spent time in an untreated arena can attest to the fact that dust reduces the amount of breathable oxygen in a closed space.
The ability to consume available oxygen is an indicator of how well a horse's body can use fuel when they are working aerobically
Extended dust exposure can also limit the blood cells' ability to fight infectious diseases by overloading the lung's primary defense mechanism!
Aside from general aggravation and congestion, dust may also contain harmful particulate depending on the makeup of your soil!
Dust-filled arenas pose health risks to both horse and rider!
Dusty environments irritate the eyes and nasal passages and are linked to eye and respiratory problems in both equines and humans!. Dust also aggravates health problems like asthma, heaves, pneumonia, COPD and RAO for rider and horse.
Increase a horse’s ability to utilize oxygen more efficiently and you have found a way to also improve overall performance, stamina, endurance, and reduce the recovery time from injuries.
Aside from general aggravation and congestion, dust may also contain harmful particulate depending on the makeup of your soil!
Arena Dust-B-Gone is 100% safe
For Animals
For Humans
For The Environment
Arena Dust-B-Gone is safe, biodegradable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly!
Arena Dust-B-Gone is a clear, odorless biodegradable treatment.
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It’s a fact of life …

If you’re lucky enough to have an indoor riding arena, you must manage and control dust to protect the health of your livestock and your riders.

Arena Dust-B-Gone is a treatment that eliminates dust in your indoor arena which also:

  • Reduce water usage
    No one can afford to waste water, whether you use a private well or haul water in. Water usage varies depending upon humidity and climate; with the doors open for ventilation here in Montana, we sometimes had to water our arena twice a day during the summer months to keep dust down in our extremely low humidity.
  • Reduce labor costs
    Someone’s got to spray! Apply Arena Dust-B-Gone once, and then follow with a maintenance application every three months at 1/5 the initial application rate.
  • Reduce fuel costs

    Even if you spray from a fuel-efficient ATV, costs add up; if you currently haul water for dust control, you use even more fuel.

  • Ride more!
    Hauling and spraying water for dust control takes time away from pleasure riding, training and competing – and isn’t that why you have an indoor arena?

How Does It Work?

Arena Dust-B-Gone works by coating each individual particle in your soil so it retains moisture long after it would have normally evaporated.

This adds weight to the particles, so they cannot be suspended in the air as dust.

Protect the Health of You and Your Horses, and Improve Performance

Use Arena Dust-B-Gone Regularly!

Arena Dust-B-Gone is Easy and Economical to Apply!

Arena Dust-B-Gone is sold in 5 gallon buckets with a convenient quick spout for easy pouring.

Before applying Arena Dust-B-Gone, harrow the arena and water the ground to make the surface absorbent. This is best done the evening before the application.

Apply with a ratio of 1 gallon Arena Dust-B-Gone to 25 gallons of water to the area and work the liquid into the ground.

Harrow the footing periodically to enhance Arena Dust-B-Gone’s performance.


Each gallon of Arena Dust-B-Gone treats 750 square feet (5 gallons/3,750 square feet).

For example: if your indoor arena is 70 ft x 150 ft, you have a total area of 10,500 square feet. Divide 10,500 by the application rate of 750 sq. ft. and you will need 14 gallons of Arena Dust-B-Gone for the initial application.

For continued effectiveness, reapply the maintenance coat of Arena Dust-B-Gone, every three months at 1/5 the normal application rate.

For the 10,500 square foot arena in the above example, the maintenance application is only 2.8 gallons every three months.

That’s less than 23 gallons of Arena Dust-B-Gone and just four applications for an entire year of dust abatement.

Arena Dust-B-Gone Works Best in Controlled Environments

Arena Dust-B-Gone is designed to work in enclosed arenas only.  If arena doors and windows are left open then Mother Nature’s wind will dry out the surface much more rapidly.

In most cases you can re-activate the product by reworking the footing, as long as it has not been left to dry out too long.  If it is very dry you can apply water and then rework the footing and this will re-activate the product most of the time.

We Want to Ensure Your Success with Arena Dust-B-Gone

We are here to help ensure you have the best experience with Arena Dust-B-Gone.  Should you have any questions prior to application please call us at +1 (406) 363-4846 or send us a message using our Contact Form.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say!

Arena Dust-B-Gone is not recommended for use in Box Stalls or Outdoor Arenas.

NOTE:  Customers do use it in alleyways to eliminate dust, a handheld hose end sprayer is a convenient way to treat small areas!