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  • We first used Dust-B-Gone about 6 months ago.I had done a lot of online research, as well as asking friends what they had used to limit dust.I decided to try Dust-B-Gone due to the comments from others that had used it, the ease of application and the cost - which wasn't the cheapest thing on the market, but it wasn't the most expensive either.Honestly, I was skeptical, but I figured we would try it and hopefully it would at least cut down on the dust somewhat.We used our RTV to drag a harrow while wetting our 200x50 ft indoor arena floor.Once it was wet enough, we sprayed the Dust-B-Gone and harrowed a little more to mix it in.I was SHOCKED!It worked 100%!We were just a few weeks out from our annual barn party.We had 250 people in the arena - walking, running, playing, dancing - and there was NO DUST!I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself and I take every opportunity to tell people about this great product. It's time to reapply again and I have no hesitation in spending the money because I know it works. Every word is true.Thanks so much!

    - Becky & Don Cornejo, Kansas


  • We are the owners of a 200 X 70 foot indoor arena and watering had made it's way to the top of my list... my 'TOP THREE THINGS I REALLY DON'T ENJOY DOING' list.We did some research and talked to a few other people that owned arenas and that is when we heard about Arena Dust-B-Gone.Your motto 'Water Less......Ride MORE' has been exactly what has happened for us.This Fall is when the results really became evident; we have not needed to water since the first part of November and it is the 8th of January as I write this!!!That equals a lot more riding and A LOT less watering!Thank you for a great and effective product!!

    - Chuck and Cheressa McGraw Hamilton, MT


  • I have ridden in the Townsend Ranch Indoor Arena several times in 2008 due to bad weather. They use Arena Dust-B-Gone and you can't believe there is very little to no dust- what little dust there is settles to the ground in seconds. Due to my allergies, I have never been able to ride in an indoor arena - so this has been great fo both my horse and myself. Tammy Burr Buffalo, WY We built an indoor arena in 2003. We began searching for a dust control product and were shocked at the cost and maintenance involved. Then we found out about Arena Dust-B-Gone. This is an amazing product. We live in Montana and the weather is very dry. We treated our indoor arena in the early spring and found that we only needed to water during the hottest part of the summer. Even then we are only watering once a week. In fact we generally do a maintenance treatment in Oct. and because we live in a climate that often see below freezing temp. All winter we do not water again until March. We have no dust and our arena looks great. This product really works and is very cost efficient and requires low maintenance in comparison to the other products we found on the market.

    - K Valentine Victor, MT


    <li>I started my search for Dust Control over a year ago. We had purchased a place with a 90X200 Ft Indoor arena. We had lots of customers wanting to ride in the winter but I had to shut it down last winter because of the dust. My husband and I both work full time and it was not feasible for us to drag the hoses out twice a week and water so we had to close it to the public. I searched the internet and researched a lot of product. They all had their downfalls plus they were all really expensive. I thankfully ended up on the Townsend Ranch website and was excited to find out it was right here in Montana. I spent several phone calls gathering information from Janice Townsend about the product Arena Dust-B-Gone. I found out that my initial treatment was a 1/3 of the cost of all the other products I researched. I visited the Ranch, saw the traffic they have in their barn and how many days they were going between watering and I was sold. I applied my first treatment in September and it has been awesome. My barn is back open and we go 3 weeks or more between watering. I would 100 % recommend this product.

    - J Funston Stevensville, MT


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