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The Townsend Ranch located in Darby, MT is nestled in a valley between the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountain ranges. The impressive history of this ranch dates back 4 generations. The ranch has been handed down to each generation and is presently being managed and operated by Larry and Janice Townsend who are currently running 60 head of horses. They breed, raise and train 15 head annually.

Townsend Ranch, Darby MT

The ranch also takes full advantage of the 200 wilderness miles that lies out their backdoor. What better conditions to build a solid foundation from colts being packed out to ride the mountains, to the finely tuned performance horse using the rugged terrain to maintain their top physical conditioning.

Larry Townsend Darby MtLarry’s hands on experience since a boy has made him one of the most respected trainer’s and breeder’s nationwide. His philosophy is simple “Know how to understand what your horse is telling you”. If you have the skills to recognize each horse as an individual, you will then be able to understand his thought process; which in turn not only makes your training sessions more effective, but also more enjoyable. Larry’s career has spanned from the professional ranks of the rodeo arena competing in all 3 rough stock events to a national competitor in working cow horse, team penning, team sorting, reining, and cowboy mounted shooting. Larry was the featured performer at the 2002 Cultural Olympics. Performing on his APHA Black Overo Stallion, “Texastea Wildthing” for 22 ½ minutes in a sold out stadium with No Bridle, No Neck Rope and making no contact with the horse by the use of his hands. Janice Townsend Darby MT

Larry’s wife, Janice, is also an accomplished rider. She has a background of 33 years as a registered nurse, ranging from working in the emergency room to a surgical assistant, which brings a tremendous foundation to the ranch's breeding program.


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